The Process


We source all our timber sustainably from local woodlands or our own 50 acres of mature hardwoods. When felling trees we only thin the woods meaning we remove a small percentage of the trees each time to let smaller ones grow up to take their place. This causes minimal interference to the woodlands natural cycle.


This wood is then stored for around 12 months in stacks around our established woodlands to ensure that it is properly seasoned ready to be cut and dried.


After the logs have been seasoned we bring them to the farm yard using a trailer and crane and cut then split them into boxes using our firewood processor.

Final Drying

The boxes are then stacked in our heated drying shed to ensure they are completely dried. This uses fans and heat provided by our woodchip boiler which we fuel using softwood and smaller bits of wood which aren’t suitable for firewood.


We then do a final check for moisture on each box and load it into a tipping pickup ready for delivery.